About the Program

About the Program

The Challenge
In an era where technology evolves swiftly, new vistas of artistic creation and experience emerge. However, Atlanta's artists face a critical juncture, with the risk of being sidelined due to limited opportunities and resources in embracing technology in their artistic endeavors. This also presents a challenge to Fulton County residents who are unable to experience and learn about new ways of creating and participating in art. 
Together, these barriers limit the adoption of new technology in the arts, and only those with access to resources can explore these emerging technologies. 

Our Solution
Our mission is to make the creation and experience of tech-enabled art accessible to our community.
By reducing the barriers to participation, the Lab seeks to expand access to cultural enrichment, provide the tools for artists to thrive, and take a national role in leading the broader adoption of technology in the arts.

Mission and Objectives
The Public Art Futures Lab is driven by a powerful mission: to address the barriers that hinder access to the creation and experience of tech-enabled art. Our primary objectives include:

1.    Expanding Access: We strive to provide artists, regardless of their background or resources, with the tools, knowledge, and opportunities necessary for artistic growth and success.
2.    Fostering Inclusivity: By engaging diverse audiences and promoting collaboration, we aim to create an inclusive artistic ecosystem that celebrates diverse perspectives and experiences.
3.    Driving Technological Adoption: We seek to lead the charge in driving widespread adoption of technology within the arts, ensuring that artists are equipped to explore new avenues of creative expression.

Program Components
The Public Art Futures Lab operates through four interconnected pillars:

1.    Engagement: Through various community engagement initiatives, we facilitate connections between artists, technologists, and residents, fostering a dynamic environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing.
2.    Education: The Lab provides artist residency programs, education stipends, access to cutting-edge technology equipment, and beginner-level classes and workshops, breaking down financial and knowledge barriers for artists.
3.    Exhibition and Experimentation: We create immersive experiences and opportunities for artists to showcase their tech-enabled artwork, encouraging experimentation and pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.
4.    Connection and Catalyzing: We connect individual artists with valuable opportunities and professional networks through strategic partnerships and collaborations, propelling their artistic careers forward and catalyzing a better future for our communities.
The Public Art Futures Lab is a project of
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