Where art + tech intersect
The Lab is a physical and online space to exhibit, experiment, educate and experience the role of technology and its intersection with public art. By reducing barriers to creating and participating in this emerging space, the Lab seeks to expand access to cultural enrichment, provide the tools for local artists to thrive, and maintain Atlanta's status as a creative cultural capital. 
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Engage with new audiences in innovative ways, especially those who encounter barriers to participating in more traditional art experiences.
Providing access and training to local artists on various aspects of art and technology.
Exhibit and Experiment
Through the exploration and creation of new spaces (physical and digital) and unique artistic experiences with technology.
Connect and catalyze
Through engineered collisions, connect artists with opportunities and catalyze new futures in public art that inspire audiences.
Artist-in-Residence Program
Our AiR Program supports local artists who utilize technology as a critical component of their artistic practice. The residency provides space for artistic experimentation around a theme and connects artists to a growing creative community. Artists are provided with a stipend, space, and equipment for 3 months with the resources and time needed to advance their craft and develop innovative works at the intersection of art + tech that contribute to the cultural vibrancy of Fulton County.
Our Partners
Fulton County is proud to have support from these organizations. Together, we’re building a strong foundation for the arts ecosystem in Metro Atlanta.
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