Where art + tech intersect
Led by the Fulton County Public Art Team, the Public Art Futures Lab stands at the forefront of a cultural revolution. Here, we blend the latest technology with public art to unlock new dimensions of cultural engagement. Through our comprehensive approach, the Lab aims to break down barriers, empower artists, and foster inclusivity within the artistic community.
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Through various community engagement initiatives, we facilitate connections between artists, technologists, and residents, fostering a dynamic environment of collaboration and knowledge sharing.
The Lab provides artist residency programs, education stipends, access to cutting-edge technology equipment, and beginner-level classes and workshops, breaking down financial and knowledge barriers for artists.
Exhibit and Experiment
We create immersive experiences and exhibition opportunities for artists to showcase their tech-enabled artwork, encouraging experimentation and pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.
Connect and catalyze
Through strategic partnerships and collaborations, we connect individual artists with valuable opportunities and professional networks, propelling their artistic careers forward.
Artist-in-Residence Program
Our AiR Program supports local artists who utilize technology as a critical component of their artistic practice. The residency provides space for artistic experimentation around a theme and connects artists to a growing creative community. Artists are provided with a stipend, space, and equipment for 3 months with the resources and time needed to advance their craft and develop innovative works at the intersection of art + tech that contribute to the cultural vibrancy of Fulton County.
Our Partners
Fulton County is proud to have support from these organizations. Together, we’re building a strong foundation for the arts ecosystem in Metro Atlanta.
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